Spirit Week 2015 Information

- Sports Day
   wear something to represent your favorite collegiate or professional team

- Tacky Tuesday
   come to school with mismatched clothing that tacky, tacky tacky

- Who Am I?
   dress as a career/professional or impersonate someone

- Throwback Thursday
   dress from your favorite decade (50s, 60s, 70s 80s, or 90s)

- Spirit Day (Red & Black)
   dress in red and black and come ready for some competition

Cost: $5 to participate in the entire week OR $2 per day

Wait, there is more...

Grade levels will be competing against each other for points.  You are playing for... a free afternoon of fun at school.  And pride for your grade level!

Here is how you can earn points:

  1. 100% homework completion (point for each class you visit during the day)
  2. Participation in spirit week (percentage)
  3. Participation at Spring Fling (percentage)


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