Helping my K-2 student

Pre Alphabetic

Partial Alphabetic

  • (Early and Middle Partial): Dr Seuss books are loaded with rhymes. Read these to your child and point out the rhyming words that come up.
  • Short and long vowel sound song:
  • Consonant-Vowel-Consonant (CVC):
  • CVC sidewalk game (Write consonants and vowels in sidewalk chalk, give your kid a cvc word to spell, kid walks/rides bike/scooters over the letters to make the word that was given.

Full Alphabetic

Consolidated Alphabetic

General Reading

  • Raz-Kids (K-2) - your child has a login, ask teacher if you need another form.
  • Fluency Folders (1st & 2nd)
  • Guided Reading/Decodable Readers (K-2)

General Math

  • Roll 2-3 dice, have your child add up without using their fingers. Do the same with subtracting.
  • Play adding war with a deck of cards. Each player turn over two cards, whoever has highest sum (or says answers fastest) gets to keep the cards.
  • Practice counting forward and backward, but don’t start at one.
  • Practice counting coins in different orders
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