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If you've made it here, you must be interested in our school for your student.  In this page, we list a few basic pieces of information that will provide you with an idea of who we are, and how to become a part of our Lead family.

Our Philosophy of Learning

We are an EL Education school, and this philosophy drives our educational program.  This means we place a heavy focus on culture, content, character, and craftsmanship through solid classroom instruction and guided learning expeditions.  To find out more about EL, please use the links below.  These videos give you a glimpse into what learning is like at an EL school.






This 20-minute video describes "how things are done" at an EL school. Worth the watch!


Crew is a great structure that helps us focus on school culture and individual character.


Building the capacity of students using critique & feedback is an essential piece of EL.


Expeditions are "deep dives" into a topic. They involve field work, experts & final products.

The EL Education Center for Student Work provides a glimpse into what students are capable of doing when expectations are high.


Our Enrollment Process

Visit our Admissions Page for more information about interest meetings and submitting an application for enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit this page for more information to get your FAQs answered.

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