Why Lead?

Focus on Children
We are focused on our students and we invest in resources to further their growth. We believe in a whole-child approach to education and support students in growing academically, socially and emotionally to reach their full potential. Lead Academy teachers effectively build a positive classroom culture that promotes self-discipline. We provide differentiated instruction to support all students in the learning process.

Engaging Learning Environment
We plan and implement creative, organized and engaging lessons based on the current standards. Lead Academy teachers provide an inviting, exciting learning environment.

Collegial Atmosphere
We believe that students learn best when the adults who work with them collaborate and share with one another. Our culture of collegiality also fosters the growth and development of new staff members. Lead Academy teachers and staff work together to design and implement cross-curricular units of study that utilize active pedagogy and exploratory learning.

Strong Professional Development
To be an effective teacher, one must also be a committed learner. At Lead Academy, teacher learning is critical to the growth and success of our program. We provide dedicated time each week for teachers’ professional development. We provide individualized support, coaching, and external training and development opportunities.

Shared Leadership
We believe in shared leadership at Lead Academy. We provide many opportunities for teachers and staff to lead, whether they are serving on a curriculum team or leading an after school activity.


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