Culture • ˈkəl-chər • n. the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization

In most schools, the level of student achievement is directly related to the culture of the school. At Lead Academy teachers, students and parents have the responsibility of setting high expectations for each student and maintaining those expectations throughout the school year. Parents, students and teachers agree to hold each other accountable for maintaining these standards.

The "Small Stuff" Matters
Our smaller size gives us more opportunities to supervise student investment into our core values - Be nice. Work hard. Serve well. Have fun. We constantly monitor student investment and work to promote the values of politeness, perseverance and teamwork.

Attendance Matters
We are strict about attendance because we believe every minute of instruction counts. We continuously review our school schedule to ensure we are making the most efficient use of our time.

Uniforms Matter
We are strict about uniforms because we want all energies focused on student performance – not on who has the latest fashion.

Attitude Matters
We are strict about student respect for authority and for peers because we value teamwork and the positive climate created as a result.

Achievement Agreement
The Achievement Agreement is signed by every family at Lead Academy to display a commitment to the values of the school.

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