Core Values

Lead Academy is a community of students, teachers, parents and leaders. Our community shares a set of values that we believe creates a foundation for students to grow and reach their potential as a scholar and a member of our larger community.  Under each of the four main pillars, we have added "Just Do It" components that focus on actionable items that build a stronger school culture.

Be Nice

The health of our community depends on honesty and integrity. We are all committed to creating a safe and nurturing environment for our students and staff.

  • Diversity - “Respect it.”
  • Forgiveness - “Move on from it.”
  • Kindness - “Filter it.”
  • Collaboration - “Share it.”

Work Hard

Our community believes that consistent achievement is a direct result of a solid work ethic. We all sign Achievement Agreements outlining our intent to work harder than our peers in order to see stronger gains for our students.

  • Resourcefulness - “Find it. & Use it.”
  • Responsibility - “Own it.”
  • Rigor - “Grapple with it.”

Serve Well

Our community has a responsibility to make our city and region a better place to live. We all commit to performing a minimum of 20 hours of community service in our surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Stewardship - “Protect it.”
  • Sacrifice - “Give it.”

Have Fun

Our community believes that achievement should be celebrated. Students are celebrated for their commitment to being nice, working hard and serving well.

  • Adventure - “Try it.”
  • Celebration - “Enjoy it.”
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