About Us


Lead Academy is a free, public charter school founded on the belief that every child can achieve at an exceptionally high level, regardless of background or circumstance.


Lead Academy is a community of students, teachers, parents and leaders. Our community shares a set of values that we believe creates a foundation for students to grow and reach their potential as a scholar and a member of our larger community.


At Lead Academy, we understand that there are no shortcuts to success. Therefore, old-fashioned hard work is a cornerstone of the school culture at Lead. Our approach includes research-based practices of both the traditional and contemporary sort. The instructional program at Lead can be summed up by the following practices:


Culture • ˈkəl-chər • n. the set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an institution or organization
In most schools, the level of student achievement is directly related to the culture of the school. At Lead Academy teachers, students and parents have the responsibility of setting high expectations for each student and maintaining those expectations throughout the school year. Parents, students and teachers agree to hold each other accountable for maintaining these standards.


The numbers will tell our story. They back up our claims and give credence to our mission. Every number, every statistic, represents a brighter future for our families and our community.


As an EL school, we focus on craftsmanship.  Here is our first crack at a Celebration of Learning.

Lead Academy Celebration of Learning Winter 2015.mp4

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